My attempt at painting (with words) the view of my balcony on an average September day.


Are you a talkative person too? Who feels embarrassed and stressed due to this habit? Then this post is worth reading for you...


There are so many emotions to express our feelings. But, Silence speaks the most of all. There are moments of happiness, there are moments of sadness. But, moment of silence depicts them all. Being silent and observing vicinity makes you vigilant. All thought processes directed towards capturing shards of evocation. Alertness and Caution is outlined. …

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Distractions – Why they even exist?

Hey dude, I get distracted easily. What should I do? I know, getting distracted is painful when you got so many other jobs to complete. At times one may get frustrated which leads to bad attitude and poor impression. So, Let's have a quick overview. Distractions. Any activity which is irrelevant to progress and eats …

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