Dealing with Stress – How to get rid of it?

Ever stressed over an issue too much? Everyone does at some point of time in life. We stress over situations which demand our immediate steps. Being under constant stress, One may feel throbbing headaches, mild chest pain, hair-trigger anger. Stress over time may result in serious health issues.

However, Stress is a state of mind. It is a mechanism in our body which pushes us towards our targets. It makes us realize our duties and responsibilities. In a good amount, it proves to be beneficial and helps us achieve success. Consider it to be an allopathic pill; too much – deadly, too less – still diseased.

Recently, I became too stressed over an HVPE presentation at my college resulting it to be disastrous. But over all, if I could have understood that my situation is short-lived then I would have tackled it better.

Understanding the Cause

So, What could have triggered stress? Understanding the cause helps to re-evaluate the situation and plan ahead. It breaks a complex situation into simpler and easier tasks. Solving these tasks slowly but surely relieves stress.

Ask yourself :-

  • Where was I wrong?
  • What is the source of discontent?
  • Will it be long-termed or short-termed?
  • What worst would happen if I couldn’t make it?
  • What will be my plan of action?

This would help you realize the situation and plan to counter stress.

Relieving Yourself

Sometimes, Stress has no underlying reason, our body just demands for recreation.

Some recreational methods are :-

  • Meditate                               Introspect and Ventilate your soul
  • Exercise                                Move your limbs and waist
  • Take a Walk                         Have Reality Check
  • Spend time with Nature    It isn’t called mother for nothing.
  • Socialize                               Share your problems with friends and relatives
  • Have a visit to Doctor        Ultimate remedy

I hope this would have inflicted a little help to you. I chose to write on this topic because I feel stressed a lot of times and this will make me realize that everything when compared to life boils to nothing.

Life is too short to solve all of your problems.

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