Being Negative

Everyone would love to have the feeling of being admired. People like to have happy faces around them. Cheerful and energetic people have more friends, which return the same love. Positivity and Optimism are encouraged. These feelings elate our mood, relieves stress and let a person have a better outlook. It helps us live better lives.

But, I disagree to the fact or concept that negativity shouldn’t exist. World is not designed to be like this. Our world has the quality of being omnifarious, i.e every kinds of stuff exist. Thus, the quality of negative can not be negated. As, this preserves the harmony. Imagine a pencil without the invention of eraser. They represent harmony where division of power is balanced. One creates, another destroys. Neither is overly-powered.

A world where every being is happy, content, does not exist. Debates and Discussions are bound to happen, because it is one of the most crucial step to development. An idea is and should always be checked through every aspect before final acceptation. This proves its stability. No one likes an unfinished chair, which imbalances and has a hazard to break any time.

There is a need to exercise negation of improper and hazardous substances. Debates leads to conflicts, conflicts lead to wars, but peace is always proclaimed in the end, leaving behind better ideas which are fully tested, strong and stable.

Sometimes, you may be told that “you are being too negative”. One who disagrees too much becomes a source of disgust. Disagreement without strong counter-assertions is considered a foolish deed. But, This is life; place to try. Merely accepting a false fact or statement is asinine.

Students question their teacher. People question the government. These are one of the steps to determine certain necessities, to establish perfection and betterment, enhance development and bring flavors to life. 

Salt is as important as Sugar.

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