What am I?


Disclaimer –This article contains Author’s share of ideas upon the above topic. If his viewpoint conflicts with the readers’ beliefs; I request them to not to read any further. Earlier, I mentioned how I ruined an HVPE (Human Values and Professional Ethics) presentation at my college, being overly anxious. I jumbled up words and slipped a few. Sir, though, humbly requested me to step down and have my seat. I was not at the least embarrassed, but rebuked my public speaking skills. I also regretted how I couldn’t share my views on such a wonderful and deep topic.

Purpose of existence

Sometimes, We may feel like understanding the purpose of our existence. We live in our own worlds; surrounded by our world entities. To this world we interact and establish a connection which is interdependence.

However, Consider yourself non – existent. You just do not belong here, exist here.Suddenly you vanished without a trace. Will the entities with which you interacted be the same, exact. Or even if you are a dignitary, being non-existent; the world will still function the same. If Sir Thomas Elva Edison wouldn’t have invented the light bulb, then somebody else would have – with a different name, face and at different time frame. Then why should one question his/her purpose.

We live for ourselves, we say. We live to gain power and fame, but with the world so transient, it tends to void with relevance to universe. Then Do I have no purpose? Yes, You don’t. Until, You exist somewhere; where you can harvest the efforts and reap the results of having a purpose. But, Where do I exist? In your own worlds, where we interact with entities which maybe living or non-living. In a nutshell, we are transient and fragile structures; existent without a preset purpose. We develop and personalize our worlds for the sake of ourselves. Build houses, connect with people, work and die away.

What am I?

So, What am I? No-one can answer for you. Its you to define yourself. This question needs no answer; as, it answers itself. I am what I make myself. I am who set a purpose for my life. I am who achieve and develop my world. Destruction is again a development from a different viewpoint. Trees shed leaves to fertilize new saplings. Their are no presets to life and that’s why life is beautiful. The beauty lies in its flexibility, individuality and unanimity. The beauty is in its freedom.

An individual consumes a lifetime developing himself/herself. Now, Let’s consider that you are immortal. You have infinite time to act and develop your life. What will you do of such a life. Will you be interested in an infinite movie? The interest will be lost at a point. Then you will be as good as non-existent.

Therefore, It doesn’t matter. There are no presets. Life ends soon but has no end. We are born without purpose. We may develop one for ourselves or may not. It is up to our-own -selves. We may work upon it or not. We connect and part ways from other lives. We can influence others but cannot govern them.

That makes every life precious and unique.

When I look into your eyes, I find Myself.


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