Balance is a situation. A situation where every constituent is proportionate and positioned; free of differences yet holds its own uniqueness. Uniqueness of function(s) and attribute(s) yet collectively dissimilar and independently non-existent.

Balance is a beauty. A beauty in symmetry; A lattice of patterns, mirroring itself ad infinitum. Falling raindrops, tears of sky have all same shapes and sizes. Once fell on earth, quenches the thirst of the scorch, replenishes then transpires to repeat the cycle of life. There is beauty in rain but neither in drought nor in flood.

Balance is a power. A power in stability, where a foundation lacks only in loopholes. Mountain peaks are the crown of earth, set foot by mankind, time and time; yet forced to fall back as those feet, but not the peaks, are transient. Everything that exists will cease to exist someday. Things are to not be.

Balance is perfection hence unattainable.

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