There are so many emotions to express our feelings. But, Silence speaks the most of all. There are moments of happiness, there are moments of sadness. But, moment of silence depicts them all.

Being silent and observing vicinity makes you vigilant. All thought processes directed towards capturing shards of evocation. Alertness and Caution is outlined. But, also the flair of true artist. It exemplifies dedication.

Oratory is the play of words. It shows eloquence. A threads of words woven into a beautiful twine, on spot. But, Silence illustrate wisdom. It is like a vessel whose contents are yet to be unveiled; mark of experience which forbids indulgence.

Silence speaks all the languages, it is the most versatile medium of expression. In times of joy, silence is mix of confidence and proud. In times of desolation, silence is a blend of emptiness and dissent.

Where ever words can’t approach; silence covers it all. Being silent, one can open ears to knowledge. Teaching perceives one-way communication; where the educator gifts all his experience and knowledge in a stream of words to his/her silent listeners. It illustrates their approval and willingness.

Speech is a boon to humans. We communicate better, thus think and act better. We have the power and words to talk at every every event, on every entity. But, Silence illustrates loss of words. Silence connects to strong feelings, which are left unheard.

Nature is so powerful, beautiful, still silent.

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