It is around six, in the evening, of a relaxed September day. Skies, which were bright one or two hours ago, have faded and contain a tint of orange now. There is no sign of clouds, just an expanse of clear blue, with of course the orange which seems to be fading too as I continue writing.

Wings flying back to their homes, every now and then, analogous to man himself. A row of brick and mortar, cut short the expanse; houses of different shapes and heights yet dimensions abstractly seems to normalize. The closest one, which is a corner house, has box architecture with a huge archway and a flat window to diversify.

Rest houses are indifferent yet so unique; with the different paints, plants and faces. The only transient feature of these houses are the faces which seems to conjure up and vanish away infrequently. The horizon ends gracefully, with a confluence of two trees forming a beautiful natural archway.

A street passes under the archway which seems to have the newest concrete among the other structures. The street is decorated with a layer wires, cross-bleeding forming an electrical web of sorts. A row of economical vehicles are parked over the street, which are presumably possessions of their respective houses, at their confined and designated locations.

Street is, as always, buzzed up with activity, majorly contributed by children. By the time, I am penning this down, sky light is losing its luminescence as the night is surfacing. Life continues to sustain through sound – the revving up of engine, barking of dogs, gibberish of children, bell calls of vendors – with other domestic sound signatures.

A little breeze in and out makes the confluence sway, giving it a new life. The day has finally lost its war with night and a round white flag is slowly prominent in the sky.

This was my attempt to paint the view from my balcony, hope it was worth your time. Thanks for visiting! Namaste.

जैसे सूरज की गर्मी से जलते हुए तन को मिल जाये तरुवर कि छाया ऐसा ही सुख मेरे मन को मिला है मैं जबसे शरण तेरी आया, मेरे राम

Like a body burning in the heat of the sun Gets a shade of a tree My mind has got similar happiness When I came to your refuge, my lord

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