Distractions – Why they even exist?

Hey dude, I get distracted easily. What should I do? I know, getting distracted is painful when you got so many other jobs to complete. At times one may get frustrated which leads to bad attitude and poor impression. So, Let’s have a quick overview.

Distractions. Any activity which is irrelevant to progress and eats up time without any fruitful results. Being distracted, one deviates from their plan of action; doing activities of short-term pleasure. They are poison; they hinder our pace and slow or even stop our functioning.

The Author, himself is quite a distracted person. End-Semesters are approaching and he is occupied by his new-found hobby. Anyway, Distractions are not always a problem. Talk about Workaholics (and I am imagining scientists… Sorry for the stereotype). People who devote all of their time to work. Such people needs to be a little distracted. Breathing in fresh air, spending time with elders (talk to your grandparents), Playing some games, etc.

Over all verdict is that, Distractions are more on the negative side. Thus, needs to find a solution to and  life solves everything (I won’t go deep here).

A Remedial Approach

  • Arrange a closed room. (or open, well-ventilated room if you are suffering from claustrophobia).
  • Shut down all communication mediums.
  • Keep a short and realistic goal.
  • Realize the importance of your task.
  • Keep a clock by side and set timely goals.
  • Stop procrastinating – just do it.

At last, it is human nature to have wild thoughts. They are sure to come, the efforts are to minimize them. Taking short rests at times won’t hurt – just keep them calculated.

So, What distracts you the most ? Let me know in the comment section below. Thank you for reading. Regards.


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