Quite a fancy title isn’t it?

Hey reader, today I would be covering another trait in life and that is, being talkative. Just now called it a trait, but, is it so?

For a lot of people being talkative is not a trait but a trouble.Some people realize that talking too much (mostly) has negative consequences.

Some of the drawbacks being :-

  • Loss of time : Time is the most precious commodity, and throwing it away to gibberish (nonsensical talks) is not at all a healthy move. It is due to the level of involvement that people often lose the track of time, minutes turn into hours. and until we realize, it is already too late.
  • Side-tracking : Having a good conversion is the key to sharing ideas and increasing your bank of knowledge but, often my fellow loquacious beings side track and lose the core purpose of the conversion, filling it with unimportant information. With the desire to keep the conversation alive, it gets hard not to side track.
  • Judgement : It is said and known fact that one should not pull oneself down just by the fear of getting judged by others, but it also never means that one should disregard other person’s feelings. One should understand how more or less interested  the other person is in getting the thread further. If not, opt for a strategic withdrawal.
  • Loss of thought refinement : With having a great flow of ideas one tends to equalize it with mouth movement. That is, a talkative person opts for fast-paced talking; skipping some menial yet vital intermediate actions. With the loss of thought refinement, an idea from the head goes straight to the mouth. Hence, this is the biggest drawback. As, once something is said; can never be taken back.  

But, as we know the golden rule of life; that life and it’s components are well balanced. So here are some of the benefits of being a loquacious person:-

  • Share of wisdom : With every turn of the hands of clock, we learn something. Having to share that knowledge always increases and enhances it further more. In a good and balanced conversation, we tend not just to talk but to listen and thus, gain more wisdom.
  • Social skills : In a healthy conversation, a connection is created between the speaker and the audience.While we talk, we observe too. We observe, so we deduce the environment and it’s interests and dislikes. This helps us to plan the steps ahead; that is whether to continue or withdraw. Thus, increasing our sociality with others.
  • Confidence : Talking in groups, boosts our confidence level. With positive feedback one feels righteous. It also helps to build our public speaking skills, which many people fail to acquire.
  • Characteristic : Humans our social animals, that means, we are less likely to survive in isolation and silence. Hence, it is our characteristic feature to communicate and survive together.

Having a talkative nature, may sometimes feel a problem. But, in the end, it is a way of living and a part of one’s personality. Moreover, changing our personality, drastically, emotionally damages ourselves, leading to medical conditions. What we can do to better ourselves, is change our mindset. Stopping to see it as a problem and accept it as our nature.

Here are some tips to improve the situation :-

  • Meditate in the morning.
  • Stand in front of the mirror and talk your heart out.
  • Isolate yourself and try to think about good memories.
  • Instead of talking, practice writing or start blogging 🙂
  •  While in conversation, remember to take a deep breath and fixate your gaze elsewhere.
  • Stay away from profanity; consider using euphemism to deliver your point.

In the end, it is just a personality trait, accept it and divert your precious focus to a more worthy issue.

Life is not the count of breaths, but it is the moments that render you breathless.


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