OK, So this is the general introduction for my blog.

Know the Author 

An eighteen years old friendly neighbor-hood newbie blogger (I tell you this is my second blog ever after hello world).

I belong from India and a self-proclaimed decent chubby fella. I always wanted to voice my thoughts to public but was a kind of shy . Now, I will try to do so with my pen (and keyboard).

About the Blog

What the blog contains is nothing to do with “whizzy” phrase. It is just my favorite alias which I use for IDS (gaming mostly).

The blog maybe added in the near future with light-hearted stories, thoughts, experiences and some facts. I am still pondering over the future contents (whether it should be fully fiction or more of scientific or mixed). Anyway, I am open to your ideas and opinions and will surely consider any suitable and authentic one.

What Next?

Life has been beautiful and cheering up-till now. I go in accordance with my passion, it is my driving force. Endeavors are targeted to inner pleasure.

Sunlight pouring down the window then the sky went blue. A little breeze. Autumn approaching.

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