What’s next?

Lately, I’ve been a lot useless. Its not that lying in bed all day doing nothing (whom am I lying to, meh). At this point of time in my life, I feel the urge to be doing something meaningful. Its not that I am out of goals. My life has just literally started, I mean, I just hit adulthood. But, with the passage of time, I feel a invisible pressure which envelopes me and forces me to step out and make things happen.

At least, I feel proud of my self-awareness as it is the first and vital step to growth. I am at least, getting this gut feeling of doing something in life. But, what’s next? What should I pursue and put my life force to? This burning desire of contributing to mankind hits me once in a while. But, I am clueless of what it will be that consumes every bit of my manpower to produce something significant? It’s been a while I’ve brainstormed. The hard work and planning is rewarded by satisfaction, which has been missing for while.

So, Its not that I am out of goals. I have targets. Life has just commenced, so have opportunities. But, I have heard that “You miss all the shots you don’t take” and I want to make my every shot count. My efforts and time which would be put in vain is my fear that makes me hesitant. To take on some task which would ultimately be in vain. And then there is this another fact that “The road to success is never straight” that is failures are bound to happen. Our failures are our testimony to success. We need to start from somewhere to reach our destination. But, right now, doing nothing is more of concern for me. As, doing nothing is far more inferior to doing something in vain.

This post has been more of a public diary than being any help to the reader. It is just to justify the fact that the author is one of the members of society who feels down and needs to exploit a platform to vent away his problems and start afresh. Any reader who shared the same with me, who felt a connection; I would say, let time do its bidding.

As the engine revved up and trees flying past me; I covered my ears as the chilled breeze made my face numb.

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